Tyler Felton's Shadow of the Demon Lord

Unit 6 Report 003

Suspicious priest, wierd undertakers.

Tuckers and Montiaros decided that to keep the town running smooth they need to keep the conspiracy and murders quiet.

Tucker is out of the city tracking down Rupert.

Sidnei's priest wants to see us, we go to the church. Priest's name is Marish. Says there is a new religion in town that troubles him. The church of Duvia. Supposedly a god that ushers people into the underworld. There has been a lot of suspicion of strange things going on there. Rupert used to be with the church of Duvia. The priest thinks this needs to be looked into. Strange reports of missing animals. He has a strange feeling about the members when he speaks with them.

We head to the church to find a procession going on. It seems fairly normal. WTCP speaks with a cultist.

We hear a gong go off and the cultist tells us the soul has been ushered across.

Sidnei talks to a mourner who says that they have never seen a body leave this place.

Barrette decides to fake convert to the religion and they buy it. He becomes a parishioner.  We go back at night to sneak in but are attacked by a group of men who we think were a part of the curators.

We rest then return to the neighborhood. Speaking to a neighbor, pets disappearing, no bodies ever coming out, says there are some passages under the building.

We find a secret door in the neighbor's basement. We sneak into the cavern and head to the cult.



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