Tyler Felton's Shadow of the Demon Lord

Unit 6 Report 002

Our house, our house, our house is on fire. Well, the house I wanted anyway.

We search the Drizzette home and it is empty. There is a note from Constance to Mr. Drizzette on a desk that says, "I'm coming". We head to the Drizzette winery and find several undead around the head of the Drizzette household, Etan. He is killed in the battle. He has a note blackmailing him from Constance. It talks about a conspiracy against her. We need to find the other Drizzette, Valorie.

We find the Drizzette house on fire and we enter the main floor that is not yet burning. Inside we find more undead and Valerie (who is in and out of consciousness) in a bedroom. We rescue her.

Valorie tells us that Telemon had too much power so the houses got together and made a plan to get rid of him. They made poison and got the chef to administer them over time. By accident she found demonic things near constance and set her up and she was burned before anyone could find out.

Next we go after Horace, Sidnei's uncle. We arrive and find that Horace has changed into some kind of demon. He's standing in a pentagram with a crystal at each point. We destroy all the crystals, there is a flash of light and Horace is there alive. He blames all the shit on someone named Rupert.



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