Unit 6

What is love?


Ancestry: Clockwork
Age: 20 years
Build: Bult for war
Languages: Common
Size: 1/2
Speed: 8
Profession: Patroller

Appearance: ┬áSmall Spider-like with functional hands. 3’ tall and weight 50 lbs. You have a mere suggestion of facial features

Personality: You don’t know how you fit into this world, but you spend your life trying to find out. Orderly and sullen.

Racial Talents: Immune to disease and poison; asleep, diseased, fatigued, poisoned

Key: Stops when incapacitated or when you got a total of 0 or lower on an attack roll or challange roll (pg. 15)

Mechanical Body

Attributes and Characteristics

Strength 9
Will 9
Agility 10
Intellect 9
Health 9
Healing Rate 2
Insanity 0
Power 0
Defense 13
Corruption 0
Perception 9


Sling: 1d3 medium range
Dagger: 1d3 / agility to hit / short range


Unit 6

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