Tyler Felton's Shadow of the Demon Lord

Unit 6 Report 001

The game is a foot, the arm is a leg.


WTCP and I arrive at the town and sleep in the street. There is a murder during the night. Barrett works for the city guard and wakes WTCP and I. They take us back to the jail area and the marshal meets us. He explains that there was a murder of a prominent member of the city. He is going to hold us while they investigate, he is polite to us. Barrett interrogates us.


Sidnei's brother was the one that was murdered AlFonz. The authorities think he was killed in the barn where the body was found. Odd that a dignitary would be in a barn on the outskirts of town.


Unit 6 is imprisoned, Sidnei and WTCP head back to the crime scene with Barrett following them. Sidnei notices a pile of hay that hasn't been sifted through. She finds the murder weapon, a sword with blood on it. It has the sigil of house Drizzette. They take the sword back to the Marshal at the jail.


The Marshal, when presented with the sword, says that he cannot believe that the Drizzettes would fear AlFonz rise. Says it was probably a 2 bit thief. But seems to think of something else that he does not tell them. Then the Marshal releases Unit 6 and we are all free to go.


Barrette searches the Marshal's desk. One drawer is locked and we are unable to access it. WTCP pops it open with a dagger while Barrette distracts the other guards. There is an old notebook inside. WTCP takes it and we head to  Sidnei's family home.


The notebook contains reports about an event from a year ago regarding the house of Telemon. Ian was one of the founding members of the town but about a year ago he starting going a bit nuts. Some black magic may have been involved. Constance Manje was found guilty of witchcraft and was burned. But Marshal Tucker had some doubts and was doing some investigation of his own. A few names are written, El' fonze but with a question mark after it and then to member s of the house Drizzette Malory and Ethan. Constance had a boyfriend, Grant, that is often protesting city officials in the main square. Then we head to our rooms and rest.


We head out to find Grant. He is out in the main square yelling about the houses being corrupt, they killed his girlfriend, etc… WTCP goes to talk with him. He denies killing AlFonz. Says he has been here in the square. He blames all of the houses for killing his girlfriend.


Head back to jail to find Marshal Tucker and he has left to speak to the Drizzettes about the murder weapon we found.


We head over to the house of Manje.


We search AlFonz room and find a note that says &The truth is coming out, come to the meeting place&


As we are heading through town we hear a scream coming from a dilapidated house. We rush there and find a man who has been killed and 4 bandits. We fight. We kill 3 and 1 gets away. The dead guy is Chef Sennic who worked for the Telemon household. The bandits appear to belong to an organization known as the Curators, a sort of thieves guild.



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